Can you recognize which cake’s taste is hidden in the ice cream?

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Take part in Sissi Fagylalt’s traditional Hungarian cake recognizing competition!

Sissi Fagylalt’s offer for groups

Rákóczi túrós (cottage cheese, fruit jam), Sacher-cake, Lúdláb, Zserbó (walnut, chocolate, jam), Dobos cake (chocolate, brittle), Mákos guba (poppy seed, vanilla), Eszterházy cake (walnuts, coffee, vanilla), Somlói galuska (chocolate, vanilla), Black Forest cake (cherry, chocolate)

As cakes they already are favorites… Do you recognize them in ice cream forms?

5 types of ice cream and 5 desserts at Sissi Fagylalt’s blind tasting. Hungary’s favorite cakes prepared traditionally and as an icy dessert. Andrea Koncz, Sissi Fagylalt’s main ice cream witch will tell the story of all cakes and ice cream flavors and will also share some of the secrets of ice cream making.

  • Did you know that the Somlói galuska was founded by the headwaiter of Gundel Restaurant in the 1950s?
  • Have you heard that the Dobos cake, founded by confectioner József Dobos C., was first presented to the public in 1885 at the Budapest National General Exhibition? Queen Elisabeth and I. Franz Joseph were among the tasters!
  • And the Rákóczi túrós was not inspired by II. Rákóczi Ferenc! Are you curious, who it was then?

At the beginning of the program we will serve savory bites and water, to prepare everybody’s taste buds for the tasting.

Price of Sissi Fagylalt’s tasting: 3.000 Ft / person (10 EUR / person)

Reservations are accepted only with a minimum of 6 participants.